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My 1st Submission

2009-11-23 23:47:23 by Bugeye

I made my 1st new submission on Newgrounds. A Picture of one of my characters. This character was not made a long time ago. Check out the latest art.

Need to use music

2009-06-22 23:38:38 by Bugeye

I am gonna need music if I'm gonna make videos on Youtube. If anybody is ok with downloading your music for the use of my Youtube vids, just send me a comment. (Even though nobody would come here.)

Brawl me Wi-Fi

2008-12-22 13:08:25 by Bugeye

If any of you guys wanna Brawl me Wi-Fi, feel free to do so. Just comment here you friend code. My friend code is: 0259-2399-9832

You can see my gameplay as Ike in this video.

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